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If you’re interested in entering the Hawking BusinessFirst program or would like to subjugate an industry survey, please contact us at the listed number.

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All of our studies and research material are publicly available and easily referenced by direct link to our publicly available website that is easily searchable.

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We Employ Experts from Many Industries

Hawking Research Institute is a basic research collective that has conducted up to 400 social science and progressive studies that may have helped further our society.

We use experimental practices and detailed assessments to usually, accurately compile reports that can assist world leaders in making their decisions.

Our studies and research are sometimes headed by industry experts to ensure a relatively pure and accurate data flow into our analysis centers.

Medical Science

Advanced Biology

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Food & Beverage

Archived Outcomes Available Free!

For every project we undertake or independent study we conduct, we will publish the results in a Press Release that is available 24/7 directly from our site.

Medical Research

Historical and impervious data that has been tested against time and withstands criticism.

Electrical & Power Systems

We have many experts who can do research on this stuff.


Want us to do research via our computers? Done and done.

Office Administration

We have many pairs of scissors.


We sleep, too. So we know a thing or two about researching it.


Pharmacies need research. We can do that.


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Physical Fitness

We don't really exercise but we can find people who do.

Expedited Results & Accurate Answers

Regardless of the contract, we’ve proven to be ahead of schedule and provide triple checked results that have been referenced across the world.

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As our independent or subsidized research projects reach Disperse phase, we publish them in press releases as seen below!

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